Our range of bathroom products creates an elegant aesthetic in any interior design. We have created a range that extends from seamless vanities, stainless shower trays and beautiful marble basins, to stone terrazzo bathtubs that provide a dramatic focal point in the bathroom’s interior. We are passionate about helping you find the ideal design solution that will last you forever. Create a bold statement that exudes luxury for a bathroom you will love coming home to with our help.

Each piece a masterwork of elegance, our bathroom designs are celebrated by designers, and feature in some of the world’s top hotel rooms. Designed with quality materials that are robust and unaffected by high temperatures or corrosion, our pieces are a lasting investment.

For stunning cohesion, our pieces can be combined to create a perfectly designed room. You will be delighted to relax in your luxury bathroom, with Pietra Bianca’s impressive range of marble bathroom products.