Graceful Bathroom Basins Hand Crafted for your Australian Bathroom

Introduce indulgence into your designs with marble a composite bathroom basin, available here in Sydney and across Australia. Using marble of the highest quality, our stunning pieces combine sleek, seamless lines with a smooth surface, made from reclaimed crushed marble and our own advanced formula of epoxy resins, calcium’s and minerals. Each available in a choice of matte or gloss finish and a variety of colors, your product will be a faultless match for your aesthetic.

To create a perfectly cohesive interior design, pair your marble basins with our other bathroom pieces, set to impress every time.

We create basins with superior polyester coating

For any newly designed luxury bathroom, our products represent the best in opulence; the timeless design will last through the decades, using a non-porous material that resists cracking, even under high pressure.

Resistant to heat and chemical corrosion, the anti-bacterial gel coat does not stain or yellow, leading to a quality, lasting product. Featuring a matching central waste plug for clean drainage and straightforward installation, the bathtub is a simple design solution that exudes brilliance.

The combination polymer-marble design presents a truly state-of-the-art product, favoured by interior stylists and a top choice of luxury hotels throughout Australia and the world.

Delivering unparalleled design across our entire product range

Elegance, sophistication, individuality – this is what Pietra Bianca does best. Every item that we design and produce is done so with the highest quality in mind, crafted with passion and detail that is unparalleled anywhere else. From our bathroom basins to our marble bathtubs, cabinets and other bespoke options, everything is tailored to your specific vision to ensure a truly seamless delivery is achieved every step of the way.

Speak to our knowledgeable consultants today

Pietra Bianca, based in Sydney, is championed around Australia and around the world as a top luxury bathroom supplier. Using high-quality products establishes our long-standing reputation for brilliance. Our sales consultants can help you design your ideal space with premium design pieces. For a statement look and a dramatic focal point in your room, choose our range.