To complete the elegant design of your contemporary bathroom, our range of bath fittings offers superior quality and beautiful design. Floating in the centre of the bathroom space, each fitting can be repositioned with ease, allowing you complete control over the space you live in.

Built from a polyester, powder and gel-coat mixture, each of our floating fittings is made to last, with decades worth of life proving them a wonderful investment. The coating is impervious to stains and colouring, while the robust design remains undamaged from heat and chemicals in the bathroom.

A graceful accompaniment to your bathroom focal points – the impressive marble bathtub and stylish basins – each of our fittings provide you with the ability to make your space a home.

We are committed to offering you the best in bathroom aesthetic solutions, with impressively seamless designs and perfect finishes. A Pietra Bianca bathroom product is a worthwhile investment to bring beauty to your space.

Please Note: Due to the handmade nature and the high content of natural stone used in our products, colour and dimensional tolerances apply.