Gorgeous Bathroom Vanities Crafted for Your Australian Home

At Pietra Bianca, we create state of the art bathroom products from the highest quality materials available. Our designs always aim to be elegant, sophisticated and seamless, ensuring that your vision is delivered to the very last detail. The sleek geometry and understated grace of our designs are perfect for a variety of personal aesthetics and guarantee a truly timeless design that you will love for many years to come.

Paired with our other interior products, our bathroom vanities are a refined choice that help create a statement identity in your room.

Seamlessly designed and impeccably produced

Our creations last for decades, meaning that there is no expiry date on your dream design. Each of our items is constructed from a smooth polyester material, overlaid with a powder-gel coat combination. This material is available in both a matte or glossy finish, giving you the opportunity to choose which one best suits your personal style.

And of course, to ensure that the pristine grandeur we are known for lasts for decades, we finalise each item with a superior coating that is anti-scratch, resistant to stains, bacteria and yellowing as well as being non-porous.

A bathroom vanity from our range can be perfectly paired with our basins or freestanding bathtubs, designed from our own composite formula of acrylic resins, calcium’s and marble.

The experts in bathroom styling

We are proud to offer a seamless interior styling service for clients who want to create the perfect bathroom space for their Australian home. Our team of staff are experienced in creating luxurious settings that are as comfortable as they are elegant, ensuring that you can rely on us to deliver a truly beautiful end result. We work with all homes throughout Sydney as well as in luxury hotels throughout the country.

Speak to us today

Pietra Bianca products offer outstanding quality, making them great lifetime investments for your home. If you have any questions or enquiries regarding our designs or services, please don’t hesitate to call our Sydney office on 0400385947.


Please Note: Due to the handmade nature and the high content of natural stone used in our products colour and dimensional tolerances apply.